First Grade

Hi First Grade! Happy last week of school!!

I wish I could see your smiling faces but I know I will see all of you soon. Have a wonderful summer and find creative ways to make it FUN even if you are not doing all of the things that you normally do. Be safe and stay healthy. I know a local author who wrote some fun books with a music theme. Enjoy Fredi!

Week of June 1:

Introduction to Fredi book

Fredi and her Lilypad Band by Marsha Heydt

Dancing the Cha Cha

Week of May 25 Memorial Day!! Have a wonderful holiday! No music assignment:)

Week of May 18 Patriotic Songs

Song/ Staff Activity

Sing along with our beloved country’s songs in honor of Memorial Day

Star Spangled Banner by Maddie Geiger

America (My Country Tis of Thee)

This Land is Your Land/All Around the World

America the Beautiful

Yankee Doodle Boy

You’re A Grand Old Flag

Week of May 11 Singing Rounds

Try singing each of these songs and then sing one part in the recording, or sing them with someone in your house!

Round by Mr. Hogan and Shki

Round by Faith and her dad (Condos)

Are You Sleeping

Sleepy Round

Row Row Row Your Boat

Row Row Round

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice Round


Week of May 4

Make your own instrument: Make one or all of these instruments if you have materials for them. OR come up with your own instrument! Consider sending me a picture or video of the instrument you made at If you don’t have materials to make one, draw a design of an instrument.

Maracas     Tambourine     Rain Stick     Drum

Mr. Hogan and Shiki (guitar and maraca)

Mia (Fluharty) maraca, drum, tambourine

Rebecca (Long) maracas

Bella (Turner) maracas

Camila (Novakovich) tambourine

Rhythm Practice

Use your new instrument to practice these rhythms!

Answers to name that composer:

  1. Ode to Joy by Beethoven

2. Clair de lune by Debussy

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Mozart

4. Lullaby by Brahms

5. Minuet from Anna Magdalena Bach by Bach

Week of April 27

Check out some of the composers from every period. What is your favorite style of music? Also, see if you can name the composers of the following tunes. Answers will be posted next week.

Name that composer

Name that composer

Name that composer

Name that composer

Name that composer

Week of April 20

Listen to instruments of the orchestra. The biggest instruments play the lowest notes! Which was your favorite?

This Pretty Planet


Week of April 13

Jump Rope Rhymes: Get outside and jump rope using these fun rhymes. If you don’t have a jump rope or can’t find yours, consider jumping to the steady beat while saying the rhyme or hopping on one foot.

Cinderella Dressed in Yellow

Vegetable Soup

Come up with something to put in your “soup” beginning with the letter of your last jump

Chocolate Cake

Jumping Spider

Week of April 6

Corona Virus GO AWAY Song: Let’s talk about all of the things we will be able to do once we can get out of the house and back to our fun activities! We are usually at the park for soccer and softball practices, and we know a few people who had to postpone their birthday celebrations. Compose your own verse about what you are so excited to do when we are free to be you and me! If you want, email it to me and I’ll sing it for others to hear!

Colton (Novakovich)

Dustin (Novakovich)

Eliju Y (Novakovich)

Hunter L (Novakovich)

Jaxon R (Novakovich)

Camila (Novakovich)

Alexa and Teresa (Turner)

Kaleb L (Turner)

Simon C (Turner)

Bailey M (Condos)

Brooklyn (Condos)

Lincoln (Long)

Classroom Activities

What Are You Wearing?

Pass That Ball


First Grade NOM Songs

Click on the song, present, and play

Sing A Rainbow

Red River Valley

Purple People Eater

Jenny Jenkins The chorus of this song is a little different than what we sang in school

Yellow Submarine

Four White Horses

Blue Skies